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Q. FTP access to my domain - how ....

A. If you ordered web hosting plan for your domain: Within a few minutes after your webhosting payment processes and approves, our systems sends out setup email to your contract email address with your FTP access info, FTP user name and password (( which are different from your main membership user name and password )) and you will be able to FTP your pages to our servers almost instantly. If you only registered domain with us and ordered only domain registration without webhosting - FTP access is not available. Our domain registration does not include web hosting, it only includes domain forwarding, email forwarding, DNS control panel and set of other features. With domain forwarding, you can create web page on free hosting space: some ISPs like AOL, Earthlink, etc... who charge monthly you to connect to the internet also offer free web space where you can upload your website - so phone your ISP customer service, they will tell you if your Dial-Up service comes with free web space on their servers. There are free hosts like or where you can build a free website (( they will display their advertisements on your free webspace, so it is really not free )) and then you can point your domain name to that free website.
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