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Q. I registered my domain, but when I look it up in search, it still shows available.

A. Central Internic database updates are usually performed once a day, but sometimes it takes up to 3 days. Until the central database is updated, your domain will show as being available, however it is registered, and CAN NOT be reserved by another person. Because of the delay in the Internic database updates, occasionally someone will register a name, and before the database is updated, someone else attempts to register that same name. Because the database has not recorded the first registration, the attempt by the second person appears to go through. When the database is updated, it is the first person who will receive the domain name, not the second. This only happens rarely, but we have seen it happen with only a few minutes between registration attempts by different parties. If you are the first person, you never know about the second attempt. If you are the second, it becomes very disappointing.
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