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Q. Network Solutions Transfer Rejected

A. Network Solutions (NSI) created a brand new obstacle in transferring domains away from them to a new Registrar. NSI has chosen to add a non-standard, cumbersome and time consuming hurdle to the transfer and domain name renewal process. NSI will not relinquish control of your domain name unless you send NSI an extra email not required by ICANN's transfer process. NSI is, in effect, holding your name hostage. Competing Registrars are attempting to work this problem through legal, ICANN, and registry channels. Please see below for more information. Unfortunately, in the meantime you cannot obtain the benefits of transferring your domain name to an us unless you do what NSI requires. YOU NEED TO SEND THE FOLLOWING EMAIL TO NSI ((REPLACE SECTIONS IN CAPITAL LETTERS WITH YOUR OWN DOMAIN AND ADMIN EMAIL ADDRESS ON THAT DOMAIN, BE SURE TO CREATE THIS SPECIAL EMAIL FROM EMAIL ADDRESS THAT IS THE ADMINISTRATIVE EMAIL ADDRESS ON NETWORK SOLUTIONS WHOIS LOOK UP FOR THIS DOMAIN )) >> Message to NSI (mentioned above ): Send to: From: Subject: Express permission to transfer YOURDOMAIN.COM away from Network Solutions to Enom/Tiger-Direct-Domains Dear Network Solutions Inc., I am either the registrant or the administrative contact for the domain name YOURDOMAIN.COM , with email address YOUREMAILADDRESS@YOURPROVIDER.COM. I do expressly request my domain name,, to be transferred away from NSI to eNom, Inc. This additional unnecessary extra step in the transfer process appears to be the latest in a series of unfortunate decisions by NSI as NSI attempts to stem its dwindling market share. NSI has also been charged with attempting to deceive customers into transferring domain names to NSI, per the FTC notice, below. If NSI management spent as much energy serving customers, NSI would not have lost over 70% of its market share. Count me among the millions who are thrilled to be leaving NSI. Sincerely, YOUR NAME
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